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Latest findings/news update
Freshwater Fauna Roadshow
G’day Mussel Watchers! 

With the winter season soon behind us, let’s hope the water lasts through the summer. Lots of mussels were lost in last summer’s drought either to dehydration, low dissolved oxygen and/or salty water creeping up from the estuaries.

The good news is that the Freshwater Fauna Roadshow has been a big success. We had really good turnouts in the City of Canning, Chittering, Mandurah and Bunbury, with more events planned for Margaret River, Busselton, Manjimup and possibly others. The events showcased freshwater fauna of the south-west through gracious funding from Lotterywest through the production of a series of films, produced by ENVFusion (An Ashley Ramsay production), a field guide and educational brochures. The SERCUL and Murdoch working teams have been phenomenal in getting everything together. The book is available for sale through SERCUL’s website for a very reasonable price of $10 each. Sale of the books will contribute to future educational products and conservation research.  The film will soon be available on the ENVfusion website, please click here.

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Westralunio carteri distribution map

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