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We need your helpWestralunio carteri South Western WAs only freshwater mussel
Whenever you find Westralunio carteri,
you can help by telling us about it.

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We will use the information you provide to create a database of mussel sites, which
will then be used to map the species distribution throughout south-western WA.

About us

MusselWatch is a website designed by Murdoch University researchers and community partners (SERCUL) to assist in the collection of species distributional information as well as an educational tool to create awareness about W. carteri.

The research team investigating this project includes:

Dr Alan LymberyDr Alan Lymbery
Associate Professor
Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research – Fish Health Unit
School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences – Murdoch University

He teaches and coordinates courses in genetics, parasitology and aquatic animal health for veterinary and biomedical and animal science students. His research interests are in the genetics, ecology and diseases of aquatic organisms.



Michael KlunzingerMichael Klunzinger
PhD Scholar
Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research – Fish Health Unit
School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences – Murdoch University

Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Science (1999) and Master of Science in Animal Science (2002) from Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA. His Masters research work investigated comprehensive nutrient management planning. His research included feeding high protein, low-phytic acid corn and phytase to growing-finishing turkeys and pigs to reduce fecal phosphorus output, thereby decreasing phosphorus pollution potential to waterways when animal manure is used as a fertilizer source. Upon graduation, he worked as assistant farm manager for a major supplier of meat ducks in eastern Wisconsin and farrow-to-finish swine farm technician in Ohio, USA. Not satisfied, he worked for a short time as a feed mill operator in Howell, Michigan, USA. From January 2004 to May 2009, Michael enjoyed his passion for sheep shearing, travelling throughout all states west of the Mississippi River, USA, parts of Canada, northern Mexico, the south island of New Zealand, Australia (east SA, NSW, VIC, southern QLD and south-west WA). Tired of travelling and looking for a new challenge with a better quality of life and rediscovering his love of animals and nature he decided to get back into research. Several points of contact led him to Dr Alan Lymbery. Alan presented an opportunity for Michael as a PhD student at Murdoch University. Michael is currently conducting research on the biology and ecology of Westralunio carteri in south-western WA. He intends to continue research in the areas of aquatic ecosystem health, nutrient management, biology and community engagement. His background in livestock management and current training in biology and ecology of freshwater aquatic biota will lead him to a prosperous future that bridges the gap between agricultural and environmental disciplines.


Dr David MorganDr David Morgan
Research Leadership Fellow
Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research - Freshwater Fish Group
School of Biological Sciences - Murdoch University

Dr Morgan’s research has led to a greater understanding of threatening processes towards sustaining inland fishes, and includes: identification guides to fishes; five fishways in WA; identified ichthyological sub-provinces (within the Pilbara and south-west); publications on the ecology of a number threatened species and successful proposal for two species to be listed under the EPBC Act; success in protecting species under state legislation; collaboration with Aboriginal language groups and organisations in the Kimberley in research and collated language names for Kimberley fishes (six languages/ two river systems); discovery of new species of fish (three) and parasites; training post-graduate students in fish ecology; creation of a database on feral fish in WA and studied the impact of many; discovery of a number of feral fish in WA; surveys of the majority of river systems in WA and creation of distributional and habitat associations of the species; examination of the impact of river regulation and salinisation of habitats.

Dr Stephen BeattyDr Stephen Beatty
Research Fellow
Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research - Freshwater Fish Group
School of Biological Sciences - Murdoch University

Dr Beatty has conducted a wide range of research on the biology and ecology of a number of Western Australia’s endemic freshwater crayfish and fish; particularly with regard to impacts of introduced species, river regulation and fishery pressures. He has been instrumental in the assessment of ecological water requirements of freshwater fish and crayfish in freshwater ecosystems in Western Australia. As part of this research, he designed and implemented some of the first monitoring programmes in this State to examine the adequacy of environmental flows from major drinking water supply dams. He has also been principal investigator on preliminary research into the reliance of these unique (endemic) aquatic communities on groundwater in south-western W.A and has been involved in the design and monitoring of all fishways in Western Australia. This research reflects his dedication to furthering the understanding of these unique communities and the threatening processes they face brought about by increased anthropogenic demand for freshwater resources in light of the drying climate of the region.